Tuesday, September 28, 2010

August/September Random Fun

In order to catch up on my blog I'm going to take some time to recap August and September. After this I am really going to try to take more pictures and update at least once a month.

So here are some things we've been up to lately:

Grayson saw his first rainbow!

We checked out Kid's Kingdom in Hanover, PA:

We were blessed with a train table, and then some trains and tracks:

Weston learned how to shave:

(Don't worry...it's pretend!)

I went to a Francesca Batistelli concert with friends:

We replaced the ball pit with a sturdier one:

We celebrated our friend Christin's 2nd birthday:

Mike and I went to a football game:

The boys finally got over their fear of the bubble machine:

Mike and I went to an Orioles game with the church staff:

We took the boys to the carnival:

We celebrated our friend Jordyn's 2nd birthday:

And of course, we've been rooting for the Ravens!

(They were eating candy in this picture)

So that's that. We've been having a lot of fun! The boys are growing so fast and I'm loving every minute of it!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Grayson's Birthday

Grayson turned 1 on August 1! We were scheduled to be returning home from Ocean City that day so to celebrate his birthday, we planned a small party at my sister's who lives near Salisbury, MD. It was perfect actually, because not only is her house on our way home from OC, but all the essential people (the grandparents) happened to be in the vicinity that weekend. Here's a recap of the party:

We ate yummy food:

Went swimming (hence the nakedness):

Opened up presents (in a new ball pit):

Wore party hats (even though some of us didn't like it too much):

Ate cake:

And watched Grayson thoroughly enjoy his personal cake:

And gave Daddy a yummy cake kiss:

Just like Weston did at his first birthday party:

It was a great time that I was blessed to be able to spend with family. It's hard to believe that a year has already passed, but it was filled with such wonderful memories. I'm looking forward to many more precious moments in this coming year!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ocean City

We vacationed in Ocean City again this summer with Mike's mom. It's always such a good time with family! Here's a recap of all the fun things we did!

We dropped the boys off with my sister, Fawne, for the first part of our trip. Mike and I wanted a chance to have some alone time, which we haven't had since before Grayson was born. That being said, here we are getting ready to go dancing at Seacrets!

Once the boys joined us, the real fun started!

We went swimming:

Ate at Fager's Island (shortly after this picture was taken, Grayson got knocked in the head by an airborne food tray...no bueno)

We went to the bay to meet up with my cousins:

(Gray's first time on a beach!)

(Mike taking all the kiddies out into the water)
(Kelp galore!!!)

We also watched a beautiful sunset:

Went to Jolly Rogers!

(Tea Cups)

(Train ride)

(Slides! Despite his face in this picture, this was Weston favorite thing.)

We even braved the Ferris Wheel (Mike is scared of heights)

Of course we hit Ocean City beach:

And introduced Thrashers Fries to Gray for the first time:

(num num num)

(Any more in there?)

The morning before we left, Mike took Weston for a bike ride:

As always, it was a fantastic time!