Thursday, January 31, 2008

third time around...

I am now 16 weeks and 4 days! Things should really start moving along for me. Today Baby Ferrante, Mike and I had our third prenatal appointment. We met a new doctor, Dr. Hoffman, who was extremely nice and helpful! Nothing too exciting happened. I had some blood drawn for cord screening (no idea what that means but it checks the brain development and something else). Also, I gained three pounds since my last visit so that makes a total of.....3 lbs for the entire pregnancy so far! Yay me! Apparently, my blood pressure was a little high but nobody seemed to worried about that, so I'm not. Could of just been because I was nervous (don't know if that affects blood pressure or not....). Why was I nervous? I always am nervous when I go...but I always find out everything is just fine and then I'm not nervous anymore. We got to hear the heartbeat again. Pretty much the most amazing sound you will ever hear. Other than that...the future holds a trip to the Center for Advanced Fetal Care for my sonogram at the end of February. We will find out at that time if the baby is developing like it should and whether it has girl parts or boy parts! Yay! Also, I go back to the doctor on February 28th for another routine check up.
Oh! I almost forgot. I have begun feeling the baby move! Actually, just as I wrote that the little bugger is giving me butterflies! It's amazing! It doesn't happen very often but when it does, it's so exciting. I can't wait til my angel is really kicking and daddy and all my friends can feel too!
Keep a look out for my next update!

Friday, January 4, 2008

the journey continues..

So...I had my second prenatal visit today at 12 weeks and 5 days! We got to see the baby again which was amazing! Baby Ferrante has gotten bigger since the last time we went. The heartbeat is strong and baby is stubborn! Dr. Abello tried to get the baby to move around so we could see a profile but baby stayed turned with it's back to us! Stubborn like it's mommy! Haha! We also got to hear the heartbeat this time! I recorded it so my family could hear! Besides that everything is good. All my bloodwork came back fine and I haven't gained any weight since my last visit (haven't lost any either so the doctor says that fine). I feel good about not gaining any because I've been eating everything in sight these days. As long as baby is growing, I'm ok with whatever I weigh. That's about it. It was refreshing to know everyone is healthy!