Monday, October 10, 2011

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 Project 365: Week 17 & 18

So here's what I've got for Weeks 17 and 18! :)

April 23, 2011: Weston insisted on wearing this Maryland jersey to bed. I love to see my babies sleep.

April 24, 2011: Happy Easter! Easter was a busy day to say the least. However, we were able to squeeze in an Easter egg hunt with our neighbors.

April 25, 2011: Mike was off on this day so we went to Annapolis and saw the boats, ate at Buddy's, shopped on Main Street, and went to Annapolis Mall. At the mall Grayson built his very own Build-A-Bear, and the boys got to ride on a train around the mall. So much fun!

April 26, 2011: We've been slowly acquiring all the Steam Team from Thomas the Tank Engine. The boys got the last few for Easter. Weston's favorite is Emily.

April 27, 2011: When we were in Annapolis we bought the boys NAVY tees. Don't they look thrilled to be wearing them.. :/

April 28, 2011: Do you know what this is? This is a lonely TOM...apparently one of Grayson's TOM's fell off at Walmart the day before and I didn't realize it until this day. I'm pretty sad about this. :(

April 29, 2011: ?

April 30, 2011: Picture to come. The boys spent the night at Chuck E Cheese for their cousin's birthday. Their Aunt Dena took pictures but I haven't gotten them from her yet. As soon as I get a hold of them, I'll add a picture here.

May 1, 2011: ?

May 2, 2011: I bought Toy Story Bubbles for the boys. They were quite the hit, as you can see.

May 3, 2011: Can you find the two little boys hiding in this picture? Haha. They boys were being silly while at the OASIS dinner at church. It kept them occupied for a while until the pipe and drape fell over (not hurting anyone luckily).

May 4, 2011: More Toy's quite the craze in our house these days. On another note, the only reason Weston has this shirt is because I'm finally running out of my hand me downs. I'm blessed to be able to say that I haven't really HAD to buy anything for Weston for the first 3 years of his life because of the generous giving of others and an awesome mother in law! I'm going to enjoy buying clothes for my little man though!

May 5, 2011: I've seriously considered getting Weston an iPod touch for his birthday. It's not happening; however, he LOVES playing Angry Birds and has now learned to play Fruit Ninja. It's great for keeping him occupied when I need him to lay low for a short amount of time.
May 6, 2011: I received an unedited version of this picture (gross...I know) while I was at work on this day. Weston went #2 on the potty! He's gone a couple time this week and I really hope that means we are on the fast track to being diaper-free!

Monday, May 2, 2011

2011 Project 365: Week 16

Before I start, I have to apologize for this years 365. I haven't been the greatest with taking pictures every day and have missed a couple. Not sure what my deal is this year, but I haven't been very committed for some reason. I think it has to do with the fact that I am in desperate need of a new camera. Mine has had 4 1/2 great years but it's wearing through batteries like crazy. Even the brand new ones I bought die quickly which I find frustrating because I don't always remember to keep one charged. That being said, I am going to make an effort to do the best I can and take pictures as often as possible. Sorry for the slacking! So here we go!!!

Week 16!!!

April 16, 2011: I've finally decided to sell our single stroller. Anyone interested? :)

April 17, 2011: Family outing to Famous Dave's. The boys love the food there! This was our second time in a week.

April 18, 2011: Weston has gotten pretty good with making his own train tracks. I realized the other day that the boys haven't touched any of the other toys in our living room in over a month because all they play with is the trains and the train table. This means the other toys are getting moved upstairs!!!

April 19, 2011: For some reason the boys think it's a lot of fun to just run around in circles for an endless amount of time. Here they are running around the glider. I like the running cause it gets them nice and tired for nap time!

April 20, 2011: The bottom part of this picture are wood panels that have been power washed while the top part are panels needing to be power washed! I could NOT believe the difference a good power washing did to our deck! It looks so nice now!!

April 21, 2011: Arggg!!! Pirate Weston being silly as always.

April 22, 2011: This was one of the days I forgot to take a picture but I am going to throw this one in here instead. This was the full moon from the 17th. I tried really hard to get a good picture and this was the best I came up with. I couldn't believe how beautiful the moon made the sky light up behind the clouds. Just one more reason why I love living in Carroll County!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

2011 Project 365: Week 15

Week 15!!!

April 9, 2011: Wedding Day!!! Maria looked so gorgeous!! I was so thrilled to be a part of her special day.

April 10, 2011: Our plane back to Maryland. I promised Weston I would take a picture for him. It was a bitter sweet ride. I was happy to return home to my boys but was sad to leave all my girls. I can't wait to get together with them again.

April 11, 2011: A nearby park has a train track that runs right by it. We've gone to play there a couple times hoping the train would come (it's not really on a schedule that I can tell), and we finally caught it on this day! The boys loved sitting there and watching the train.

April 12, 2011: I forgot to take a picture again on this day so I'm showing one from the previous week that I absolutely LOVE!!! My sister took this picture while the boys were staying at her house. It's so sweet.

April 13, 2011: My mom has been staying at my grandmother's for while since my grandmom was in the hospital. Mom was missing the boys so we went to Arnold to visit for the day. Weston loved checking out his Moo-moo's new iPad. He learned how to play Angry Birds and now wants to play it on my computer at home all the time.

April 14, 2011: Another play date with the Cheetham's! Jordyn had a blast showing the boys her Barbie convertible. They drove it all around the front yard.

April 15, 2011: Since my sister-in-law has had extreme morning sickness (all day long), Mike took the boys to a local barber shop to get their hair cut. They did so well sitting there for someone other than their Mere-Bear and looked adorable with their new cuts!!!

2011 Project 365: Week 14

Week 14!!!

April 2, 2011: I forgot to take a picture (go figure) but Mike and I went to Cafe Tuscany in Westminster to see my co-worker's husband play with his jazz band. The food was great and the music was awesome!

April 3, 2011: We thought the sickness in our house was over (hence the date night the night before) but Grayson woke up on this morning throwing up so we started the whole thing over again with our second baby. :(

April 4, 2011: I'm having a blast playing with the window markers! This was my countdown to when I was leaving for Alabama for Maria's wedding!

April 5, 2011: After being sick all day Sunday and Monday, Grayson was finally feeling well enough to get up and play. Love that smile and those blue eyes! (Pic cropped so you can't see just how messy my house was....)

April 6, 2011: Grayson finally got better, and so the boys were still scheduled to go to my sister's while I was out of town. While we were waiting for my brother in law to meet us at McDonald's for the switch off, I let the boys run around a little while. One of Weston's favorite thing to do these days is jump off everything and anything.

April 7, 2011: We made it to Alabama!!! One of my best friends, Maria, was getting married on this weekend. It's been nearly 2 years since all the members of JAMM have been together! I love these girls so much!!! I can't believe we've been friends for 13 years!!! This is all of us (plus Maiya) at the bonfire they held for us out of town-ers.

April 8, 2011: JAMM strikes again! Ha! Here we are at the rehearsal dinner. Maria and Kyle had these adorable shirts made for their whole wedding party.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

2011 Project 365: Week 13

Week 13!!!

March 26, 2011: While I was out, Mike had a little photo shoot (on his phone) with the boys. I love the way this picture turned out!

March 27, 2011: A late night snack for Mike. Greek yogurt with fruit. Looks yummy!

March 28, 2011: Grayson playing peek-a-boo in Old Navy. I'd buy a "Grayson dress" for sure! It's so cute!

March 29, 2011: I bought window markers and I think I might be having more fun with them
than the boys are. They are so much fun!

March 30, 2011: I took the boys outside while I tried to dig up some plants and bushes. They didn't last too long out in the coldness, but did enjoy the swing for a while.

March 31, 2011: The night before this day, Weston had started throwing up. He stayed on the couch like this all day and of course Grayson, who likes to do everything his big brother is doing, laid on the couch a bit also.

April 1, 2011: Weston was still sick all day on this day. :( I felt so helpless not being able to do anything to make him feel better. Grayson missed having his brother to play with and tried to make Weston feel better as well. I love the tenderness of this photo.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011 Project 365: Week 12

Week 12!!!

March 19, 2011: Since it we had a couple days of nice weather, I got hopeful that it would stick around. To that end, I decided it was time to put together Weston's bike that he got for Christmas. I was surprised to find out that he actually fit on it, but also that he loves it!!! We're still working on getting pedaling down but I think he'll be a pro by the end of summer.

March 20, 2011: Our next door neighbor (and my God-son!!! Yay!!) turned 2 on this day!! Here are all the kids enjoying the toys Dylan had just opened.

March 21, 2011: Another nice (as in not completely freezing) day outside. I took the boys out to draw on the deck. Of course Gray thought it was fun to dump all the chalk out and roll around in it.

March 22, 2011: I've been shortening Grayson's naps in an effort to get him to sleep through the night. It seems to be working some but this is what he does once I wake him. Doesn't he look so sweet lounging around?

March 23, 2011: Since I've decided not to send Weston to preschool, I thought maybe I should start teaching him letters or at least introduce him to the idea of sitting for me while we do a short lesson (which we'll definitely be implementing daily starting in the fall). On this day we did "A". Weston did a great job of drawing his own "A". I'm so proud of his hard work and willingness to learn.

March 24, 2011: I don't normally do a bubble bath with the boys but thought it might be fun for them on this night. Boy was I right. They did not want to get out of the bath. Who knew something so simple could be so fun!

March 25, 2011: Oopppps.....2nd warning in 2 months. I better start being careful. Meanwhile, I'm just praising God for the mercy that's been shown. :)