Wednesday, April 23, 2008

and another one...

HI! So I am 28 weeks and 3 days along now and today I had my sixth prenatal appointment. I had to drink that orange glucose "soda" before hand which really just tasted like flat orange soda so it wasn't horrible! When I first got to my appointment they drew my blood for my diabetes screening pretty much right away. I should be getting the results back from that around Monday next week. So then I went back out in the waiting room to wait.....and wait....and wait.....then my doctor had to go deliver a baby so Mike and I went and got lunch while she was off doing that. When we got back to the doctor's office she was on her way back down so we only waited a little while longer before seeing her. So now for the blood pressure was a little high but it is consistently that way so they aren't really worried. I gained 7 pounds in the past month!!!! Still not really worried about that though since I'm still in below the average amount gained (I have to do a little self-assuring every now and then... :) ) Weston's heartbeat is strong and steady (about 154 beats per minute) and his head is still facing down! Also today was the first time they measured my fondal height which was 28 cm which means I'm totally average as it's supposed to match what week your in. Hence, I'm 28 weeks along and measuring at 28 cm...normal. Seems to be a common theme in this pregnancy...everything just about normal. I'll take it that way cause it's all going really good so far! My next appointment is in 3 weeks and then I go to every 2 weeks!!! (YAY!!!) Once I get the results from my diabetes tests I will post a little interlude blog!!! Keep a look out!! :)

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