Tuesday, February 7, 2012

365: Not Working Out...

Well, it looks like I'm slacking big time on the 365 and since I already have enough on my mind, I've decided not to stress over taking a super awesome cool picture every day and instead try to share on a frequent basis some pictures that sum up the week (or month depending on how often I post) we've had...So here are some pictures from the end of January:

I've been working on my knitting and crocheting skill because I saw something like this online and had to make one:

We had a few amazing days of sun so we took advantage and went to the park:

We also got to spend some quality time with our nieces this month. I was able to watch Paisley a few days one week and we had the amazing privilege of dedicating our niece, Mateja at church one Saturday:

I placed this bin against the wall to dry after being washed and the cat thought it was a good hideout:

A frozen rosebud and some sweet pictures of Paisley and my boys:

So that was our January. Weston is on break right now from preschool and doesn't go back until the end of February. Until then we are trying to stay busy and attempting to potty train Grayson. Stay tuned. :)

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