Thursday, February 28, 2008

fourth appointment

Ok. So today was my fourth prenatal checkup. I am 20 weeks and 4 days. My friend Amy from work came with me because Mike had a meeting to attend. Thanks Amy!
Pre-Doctor's Visit: This morning I had a bad breakfast and right after I started getting really bad stomach pains all around. Finally after getting them for about 10 minutes, everything I ate came back put it nicely. However, the pains didn't go away for at least another hour. By the time I had gotten to the doctor pains had stopped completely.
Back to the visit:
I asked the doctor about the pains and of course she asked me what I ate and when I told her she scolded me and told me no more of that. Basically because my stomach is being squished it's less tolerant of things I could eat before, mainly greasy foods. It was a relief nothing else was the matter though...
Otherwise, the baby sounded great and kept moving while she was doing the doppler. He's an active little guy that's for sure! My blood pressure was good (thankfully, since it was pretty high the last time I was there). Also I gained four pounds! Not too happy about that but well...what can I do! I don't feel like I gained that much and don't think it's showing quite yet so I'm not too upset. Nothing else too exciting happening. Mike still hasn't been able to feel the baby move yet but hopefully soon.
Also, I wanted to add to my last email that when I went for my sonogram the baby was 12 ounces. They didn't do the length which kind of sucks because I wanted a record of how long he was at that point but whatever. I don't think I noted exactly how much he weighed in my last blog, so here it is! If I did, sorry about the repeat!
I'll be back in about a month for another update! Next appointment-3/27 (which is also when I leave for Florida!!!!)

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