Monday, February 18, 2008

interlude and freak out!

Hey, just wanted to update you guys on a few things! Well, some of you know that I was having testing done to see if I had lupus and well we got the results back on that and I DO NOT have it!!! Yay for not having lupus! I had gone to my dermotologist about a month ago and had a red spot on my forehead looked at and when one of the doctors came in, he said it looked like it could be a sign of lupus and sent me for bloodwork to be tested for it. I had to wait a month for the results but I finally found out last Monday that everything is fine. The main doctor in the practice came in to see me (he was out the first time I went) and said it was basically really dry skin on top of a slight case of rosacea. There is some fancy name for it but I don't remember it. Anyway, after I've had the baby and am not nursing anymore they can give me a topical ointment for it!
On to more exciting things....the baby is moving for real now! It's so awesome. Baby is definitely making it's presence known. About a week ago I felt the baby move while I was standing up! That hadn't happened before because usually I felt it when I was laying down and sometimes when I was sitting. Maybe not a milestone for everyone, but I was pretty excited about it. :) FYI, I go to The Center for Advance Fetal Care at Mercy on Wednesday to have my mid-pregnancy sonogram and will find out if I am having a boy or girl!!! So definitely keep a look out for an update in the next couple days!
Happy Presidents Day!
I am editing this blog because I wanted to add something for my own records later. About a week after my last appointment (My third prenatal) I sort of freaked about because I hadn't felt the baby move in two going on three days. Unless I called my doctor, I would have worried myself sick. Although I had really just begun feeling the baby move, I was still worried. I called the doctor the morning of February 7th (I'm pretty sure) and spoke to the receptionist and let her know what was going on. She, in turn, spoke with one of the physical assistants who confirmed what I thought about it being too early to feel the baby move everyday. However, they set me up for an appointment at 10:00 that morning to make sure everything was ok and to calm my fears. (What can I say...this is my first pregnancy! I'd rather over worry than not worry enough!) So I went to the doctor expecting to just get a doppler check of the heart; however, Dr. Hoffman did a sonogram and I got to see the baby! He had grown SO much since the last time I saw him and was just fine, of course. The placenta is right in front so Dr. Hoffman said that is going to hinder my feeling movement often because it's basically like an inch thick pillow between me and the baby. Anyway, so my fears were diminished and of course I had overreacted. At this point, the baby is head down so I feel him move all the time in my lower abdomen!

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