Tuesday, May 13, 2008

head down

Hello! I had my seventh prenatal appointment (and I'm beginning to lose track!) yesterday at 31 weeks and 1 day! Besides waiting for my doctor to make 2 deliveries, nothing too exciting to note. I gained another three pounds making a total of 23 pounds all together which the doctor says is great. Blood pressure was good. Weston is still head down and very low according to Dr. Phillips. She says that will make for a nice delivery. Music to my ears! She also felt around and pushed around and concluded that he's not that big right now. Again, music to my ears! Although, sometimes I feel like I am carrying around a football helmit in my stomach! Anyway, that's about all. I start going every 2 weeks now so my next appointment is May 27th. I'm thinking my updates will begin to get shorter!
Later!! :)

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