Tuesday, June 2, 2009

8th Prenatal

On May 27th I had another prenatal appointment. Everything is looking really good. I was measuring a week as far as pubic symphysis goes although I didn't gain any week between this and last appointment. Grayson's heartbeat was good and strong. He's definitely moving around a ton! It's so crazy. I don't remember Weston moving around so much. I got the results of glucose test and everything was normal there. 

Weston is walking! On May 17th, he took his first two steps! It was out of nowhere. He was barely standing at the time...now he's totally walking around like a pro. It's so amazing to watch him. When he first starting walking he would take like 3 steps and then lunge into my arms. Makes me think about how we will be when we walk toward Jesus for the first time...we'll be so excited and thrilled we'll just lunge the rest of the way into his open and secure arms! :) 

It's crazy watching time fly right by me...Weston is almost one and Grayson will be here so soon. I know it's going to be hard but I can't help but just think how proud I am going to be watching my two boys grow and learn together. I know that God has such an awesome plan for both of my children and the fact that I have a front seat to that plan blows my mind! What did I do to deserve such a thing? God obviously sees way more potential in me than I do in myself and I'm so grateful for that. I'm sure glad to live life (the best I can) by His standards and not my own. Otherwise, I would be no one, going nowhere, making no impact whatsoever! Thank you Lord for butting in my life!!! :) 

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Mrs. JZ said...

I think it is super cute that you post all of this... I wish I had! I would say I was too busy... but reality is you make time for what you feel is important. Excited to see little Grayson. Love you girl!