Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 15: 365

After reviewing my past 365 posts, I realized that I skipped (in number only) week 6! So here's the real Week 15!!

October 3, 2009: I went to Melting Pot for Kristin O'Toole's birthday so Mike was home with both Weston and Grayson. While eating my fondue goodness I received this picture text of Weston. Apparently, Weston was eating a Kid's Cuisine with pizza and brownie and decided he would dip his pizza in the chocolate! This is what happens when daddy's in charge.... :)

October 4, 2009: This Sunday afternoon was so beautiful! We really enjoyed our drive home from church. (Nevermind the smears from my windshield!)

October 5, 2009: I spent the day cleaning out my clothes closet, putting away maternity clothes, getting rid of old clothes, etc. I came across these pants that I absolutely LOVED! So now, this is my first weight fit back into these pants! Slim in I come!

October 6, 2009: Both Weston and Grayson got shots at the doctor's on this day. They both handled it pretty well for the most part. Here is Grayson with his bandages...poor guy!

October 7, 2009: Weston had such a good time playing in the spice cabinet while I cleaned up the kitchen this week. He can't get anything open yet, so I let him at it for a while!

October 8, 2009: Again, Weston wanted to help me clean up after dinner so I let him sit up on the counter and play while I did dishes. Don't worry, I kept a very close eye on him!

October 9, 2009: I had a bunch of black walnuts on the back porch drying...and the squirrels have stolen about half of what I had! Here's the evidence they left behind!

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