Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Week 24: 365

Week 24!
December 5, 2009: The first snow of the year! I wasn't home when Weston first went out into the snow, so I had Mike text me a picture. How cute!

December 6, 2009: This was a hard day to pick a picture for. Not only did we put up our Christmas tree and have some awesome fun with Weston and a string of lights, Grayson ate rice cereal for the first time! While the pictures of Gray are super cute, I couldn't resist this posting this picture of Weston checking out the Christmas tree. I love that he can actually enjoy Christmas this year!

December 7, 2009: My first cup of hot chocolate this season! Doesn't it look SOOO yummy?? It was!! :)

December 8, 2009: I thought it would be fun to let Weston play in the snow on our deck. At first he was smiling, and then he fell and got snow on his gloves and it was downhill from there...poor baby.

December 9, 2009: I thought I'd see how Gray did playing in the bouncy seat that Weston never really played in. He loved it! Look at that smile!

December 10, 2009: Not really sure how a picture escaped me this day...I think my battery was dying in my camera and I couldn't find the charger...who knows but I'm going to try to track down a picture somehow. We had a potluck lunch for the bible study I attend on Thursday mornings, and also Ben and Becky hung out with me and the boys while Mike was downtown leading worship at First Apostolic. Somebody had to have taken a picture somewhere in all that...

December 11, 2009: Sorry about the quality of this picture. It was taken with my phone. :( But this is Grayson opening his first Christmas present at the Luber's Christmas Party! Ms. Dreama got him a stuffed reindeer. So sweet!

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