Sunday, February 13, 2011

2011 Project 365: Week 6

Week 6!!!

February 5, 2011: My sweet cat sleeping in one of her many awkward positions.

February 6, 2011: I won first place in Fantasy Football!! The small trophy was for coming in first in my league and the big trophy is for coming in first place over all among the three leagues our church had going!!

February 7, 2011: While playing upstairs on this day, the boys decided to get into the powder, and their bath paints. They made a complete mess (you can see the powder floating in the air) and were very pleased with themselves.

February 8, 2011: Every Tuesday morning we go to the Judy Center for a structured play group. Here is Weston holding up the "I" they painted with ice paint.

February 9, 2011: A normal Wednesday night, hanging out at church. This is Weston's blowing bubble stance. :D

February 10, 2011: Because Weston kept climbing in Grayson's crib, and Gray kept trying to climb in it, the screws were coming loose. I figured it was time to go ahead and convert the crib into a toddler bed. He hasn't fallen out yet and loves being able to climb in and out of his bed by himself.

February 11, 2011: We went to a surprise 18th birthday party for one of the boys at our church on this day. The kids were so cute dancing around and having a blast together. (Mike and Becky too apparently!)

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