Sunday, January 8, 2012

Floor-top? & 365: Week One

Yea...I dropped my laptop on the kitchen floor. :( Mr. Mac is on his way to the repair shop at some point this week...I am going to attempt to do my 365 post from my phone so here goes nothing...

UPDATE : The post from my phone did not go well. I'm now fixing that (1.24.12)

1.1.12-Our newest kitty, Buzz, hanging out in Mike's new wok. Tsk tsk Buzz.

1.2.12-Weston got to put on the Christmas star this year and also take to take it off when we put away all the decorations on this day.

1.3.12-I hold a small group for moms on Tuesdays. I had admire these beauty's from afar on this night. We are doing the Daniel Fast until January 21st.

1.4.12- While Grayson sleeps through the night 99% of the time, he still weasels his way into our beds some nights.

1.5.12-You can check out my previous post about Weston's visit to the Cardiologist on this day.

1.6.12- I got the privilege of keeping my beautiful niece for a few hours on this night. She was a big hit!

1.7.12- The boys, at church, rocking their new DC shoes and shirts that Aunt Fawne got them for Christmas.

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