Monday, January 23, 2012

365:Week 2

I know I'm a bit behind but with my computer being dropped and what not, I just haven't been feeling like dealing with it (the computer) lately. My computer is now fixed; however, it's just not the same. :/ There are apps to be re-downloaded, and software to be updated, etc...which is too time consuming when you have 2 boys running around the house like mad men.

Something I'm making time for (at 12:55 a.m.) is Week 2 of my 365:

1.8.12-I made these Daniel Fast friendly cookies on this day. I got the recipe from this site. They were ok but not quite what I was hoping for (can somebody say chocolate chip cookies!!!??)

1.9.12-The boys went through a MAJOR Thomas & Friends stage already. I was actually considering packing up some of our train tracks (since we have about 10 million pieces) but now, guess what? Grayson has decided Thomas is his favorite again. They both are loving building tracks and watching Thomas (as shown below).

1.10.12-This is what happens when you inherit a 13 year old who puts off a Science project until the night before.

1.11.12-Netflix got Never Say Never and I'm not ashamed to say that I thoroughly enjoyed watching. I love the Biebs!

1.12.12-Another favorite activity right now is the Super Why ABC Game. Weston insists that we play at least once a day. I actually like playing with him. It's great to see how much he is learning at preschool!

1.13.12-My new favorite picture of the family! Go Ravens!

1.14.12-On Saturday nights I get to teach the little ones at church. I really enjoy the laid back feeling of our Saturday night services. On Sundays I'm usually so busy, I can't really get into teaching like I would like to. I'm thankful for all my teaching opportunities!

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