Thursday, June 12, 2008


So I had my ninth prenatal appointment today at 35 weeks along. Of course what I thought was going to be an "in and out" ordeal, didn't end up that way. As always they took my weight and blood pressure. Gained one pound! Great! Blood pressure...not so great. The nursing assistant took it a second time which was a little better. Next the doctor came in and did a Group B Strep culture (which hopefully will turn out just fine) and a pelvic exam. I am one centimeter dialated, which is good! She then had the nursing assistant take my blood pressure again. So two more times I had it taken and not really good either time. Basically the visit ended up by my doctor telling me I couldn't go back to work until after the baby is born. Dr. Hoffman thinks I have PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension) which isn't very serious but could turn into preeclampsia which isn't good. As I understand it, PIH only effects me so the baby is healthy. But if this changes to preeclampsia then the baby starts to get involved. I had some blood drawn and should get the test back tomorrow. I go back to the doctor on monday to have my blood pressure taken again and I am supposed to make another sonogram appointment. Definitely excited about getting to see the baby again before he comes out but NOT excited about this whole PIH and bed rest thing. I was in no way prepared to stop working. I do actually like my job and am very sad about leaving now. It was already planned that I wouldn't be going back to work at Alperstein & Diener after the baby is born so basically, I am done my work there for good. Of course there's now the financial stress as well but I am just trusting that God will provide in that arena. I am happy, however, that baby is healthy, the pregnancy is coming along, and I'm going to save a lot of money on gas! But if you're in my area and you are bored please come see me! I'm going to need things to do!!!
I will update as I hear things from the doctor! :(

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