Monday, June 16, 2008

Making Progress

I had another doctors visit today. Seems I'll be going twice a week now since I was told to make another appointment on Thursday. Here are the basics from today's appointment....I gained another pound, fondal height is one cm over the norm (no big deal), I dialated another 1/2 cm (so 1 1/2 altogether) and blood pressure was lower (awesome!). I'm still on bed rest and they just want to keep a close eye on me. As of next Wednesday, I will be considered full term so even if baby comes soon he should be just fine! Although, my parents are away on a cruise and I've been told to hold him in until they get back. Haha. The bloodwork I had done last Thursday came back good. I also came back positive for Group B Strep which just means that when I go to deliver they will put me on antibiotics right away. As long as that happens, it won't get passed onto the baby. I'm not really sure what the effects are if it does get passed on.... Anyway, I have another check up on Thursday which I probably won't blog on unless there are significant changes and I have a sonogram appointment scheduled for next Monday (SO excited!) I'll have another update next week! Until then.....

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