Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sonogram Appointment

Yesterday was our mid-pregnancy sonogram appointment and everything looks great! Most importantly the baby was able and willing to show us proudly that he is, in fact, a BOY! I got to take home so many pictures. The baby is right on target as far as growth. His heart rate was 166, seems soda jumps it up a bit (I had some cream soda before the sonogram!) He weighs about 13 oz right now which is awesome! It's so crazy to imagine that this little 13 oz human being has all these people parts already! God truly is the most amazing designer ever! So we are going to have a little Grayson (still deciding on the middle name) come August (or July probably). So that's the news on this pregnancy for now. More updates in two weeks when I go back for my next prenatal appointment. 

P.S. I don't know if I mentioned it yet, but the blood work that was taken at my last appointment came back A-OK! 

I will be taking pictures of our new living room and posting them. We just finally completed putting things together and cleaning up! I love it! Lots of play area for Weston. We still need to mount the TV on the wall but we have to call DirectTV and get a cable extension first. Hopefully that won't take forever and costs a million dollars! 

On another good note...I'm so excited about the weather getting better! I cannot wait to take Weston outside to play! He hates being cooped up here in the house and I think my days will be much easier if he has other things to do! 

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Terri Peters said...

Yay! Two boys! How fun! I'm so excited for you guys! Keep taking good care of yourself. : )