Friday, March 6, 2009

Baby Dos-Appointment #4

Yesterday we had appointment no. 4 for Baby Dos and saw Dr. Hoffman. Baby's heart rate was 147 so I'm guessing it was the Sprite last time that made it 166. :) I had my blood drawn for the screening test and will get those results in about 10 days. And I've gained 5 pounds this past month. So altogether, with the 3 pound loss, I've only gained 2 pounds in the first 18 weeks of my pregnancy which is pretty awesome! So everything is looking really good! On a sort of sad note, Mike's work may be switching insurance to Kaiser Permanente which means that I will have to switch doctors in the middle of my pregnancy which really sucks because I absolutely adore my doctors. I'm sure I'll live though and the decision isn't final yet. The good thing is that I can squeeze in one more appointment with Hoffman and Associates and I will still get to keep my sonogram appointment on March 20th since the change won't happen until April. So more updates on that later! :) 

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