Monday, March 23, 2009

Mike felt the baby move!!

Last night, Mike felt the baby move for the first time. I love noting this things down! It's awesome because he also felt Weston move at 21 weeks! Speaking of Weston, I would just like to record what he ate yesterday....He had some Ponsit, a ring pop, mashed potatoes and ice cream (Cake Batter from Coldstone). Seems that my little man has quite an adult appetite! I'm just glad he'll eat something. He does not want his baby food anymore besides the cereal and fruit (which he also had yesterday, along with his formula.) Anyway, he's nine months and probably in a week when we go to the doctor, I will get in trouble for already giving him an egg, banana nut cheerios and yogurt! I don't care though! He doesn't have any allergies and he's eating so that's all that matters to me! 

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