Monday, September 28, 2009

2 month check up

Grayson had his 2 month check up today except he's not exactly 2 months yet so it didn't go as planned. He was supposed to have his shots but since he's 4 days away from being 2 months they couldn't do it. Apparently those 4 days make a big difference, especially when Grayson goes to school and they see that they were done too early. That being said, next week Weston and Grayson will both be getting shots. Weston for his 15 month and Gray for his 2 month.

The doctor still checked up on Grayson while we were there. He is a whopping 14 pounds already which puts him in the 97th percentile for weight. He's also 2 feet long putting him the 90th percentile for height. The doctor said he's doing very well with muscle control and everything. He was pretty impressed that nursing alone was meeting Grayson's caloric needs since he is so big. That makes you feel so good as a mother (even though there's not really much you can do to make "good" or "bad" milk). With Weston I never made enough and I prayed that it would be different this time and it seems to be that way! That's really all we found out today. I'm not really looking forward to next week when I'll have 2 screaming boys but I'll have to suck it up. :)


Terri Peters said...

On man, two sets of shots! I hope Mike's going with you to help you hold them down!

Miranda said...

Yea, he can't. It sucks. Big time. :(

April E. :) said...

I don't think we have ever met, I knew Mike growing up at Youth Camps...and I am friends with Terri. Ran across your blog on hers. I love reading blogs, so I have added you to my google reader!! Great to hear that your little ones are doing so well!! :) They are cuties!

Miranda said...

No problem April! I welcome new readers! :)