Saturday, September 5, 2009

Week 10:365

August 29, 2009: After a wonderful BBQ for the praise/media team at church, Mike's mom came over to hang out with the boys. Weston was jealous that his Nanna was holding Grayson so he had to get up there too!

August 30, 2009: Another Sunday afternoon just relaxing around the house. My chunky boy seems to be able to relax in just about any position.

August 31, 2009: Weston loves to dance! Monday night I found the Get It Shawty video on Youtube and Weston got down! This is his signature move which we call "The Conductor".

September 1, 2009: After a morning at the doctor's (Grayson has an eye condition called Blepharitis which is a fancy word for excessive eye boogers. Hehe.) we spent some time working on hand-eye coordination with the rattle. I tried to get Grayson to hold it by himself...he only kept hold of it for about 3 seconds but long enough to get this picture!

September 2, 2009: A Wednesday morning lounging around. Here's all three of my babies. I don't get to photo Ginger too often but she was posing pretty good here, looking all dominant over her brothers.

September 3, 2009: Our friends Abby and Molly came over and we finger painted! Weston and Molly painted themselves just as much as the paper I think!

September 4, 2009: I'm so happy that Grayson enjoys bath time! It's one of the only things he and his brother have in common. I was sure he would hate it and that I would dread our night time routine but I was wrong! Looks like I'm in for many nice and relaxing nights with my boys! :)

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