Monday, January 11, 2010

Updates on the boys!

Since doing the 365, I don't feel the need to blog about monumental moments as often as I did before due to the fact that I usually catalog these events with my 365 posts. However, I do want to take a minute and round up some events that have occurred such as firsts with Grayson and doctors appointments. Again, I write these blogs for my own records but hopefully others will enjoy the moments with me as well.

Here we go...


Grayson is now 5 months old. It's hard to believe he's getting so big so fast! He's already sitting up, rolling in both directions and crawling! Yes, I said crawling. Not the typical crawl, but the army crawl. Regardless....he gets around way more than a normal 5 month old and I swear I didn't give him steroids! He's just so eager to catch up with Weston. Gray started rolling over from his back to his front on November 6, 2009. He now rolls from front to back as well, although I can't give a definite date for that. He doesn't do it that often anyway because he loves to be on his belly. Also, I think most babies roll over and over to get where they need to go and since Gray is already doing his army crawl thing, he doesn't need to roll as much. I also can't give a definite date as to when he started his crawling. I know it was about the middle of December so for about 2-3 weeks now. It's quite impressive although I wish I could just put him down and know that's where he's going to stay. Instead, I find him on the other side of the room and into things he shouldn't be. I really didn't think I would have to baby-proof again so soon! Grayson also started sitting up around December 1, 2009 at only 4 months old. He is now a pro with minimum falling over incidents.

We took Gray for his 4 month appointment in the beginning of December. He was 17 pounds and 26 inches long. (I'm not certain on the length...I didn't write it down at the time). At his appointment, Dr. Uggowitzer said we could start him on cereals and then move onto vegetables. Since this appointment, we did try rice cereal. Grayson didn't seem to care for it really so we took a break and picked it up again about 2 weeks later. He still didn't care for it so I tried Whole Wheat. He likes this much better so once he becomes a good swallower and not spitter-outer, we will move onto vegetables.

Moving on...


Weston is now 18 months and acting totally and completely like a toddler boy. This includes testing his limits physically in every way he can whether it's falling backwards from the ottoman to the couch or climbing on everything, or walking down the steps like an adult (without holding onto the railing!) he never ceases to give me a small heart attack. I can't say that it doesn't bring me joy though. I love watching the little guy explore, granted he doesn't bust his head wide open. It's so awesome watching him find great delight and being so proud of himself when he figures out a new skill. He's beginnning to talk so much more which also makes me happy. I thought he would be speaking Westonese forever. While that is still his primary language, he has been communicating in English more efficiently these days. We have not begun potty training but I'm thinking and hoping in the next couple months we will begin. It would be nice to only have to change one stinky butt around here!

Weston went for his 18 month appointment about a week ago. This trip was totally different than the others. He actually remembered the nurse that gives him his shots and I would be understating if I said he flipped out when he saw her. I could not calm the child down, even with lollipops! You know it's serious when lollipops don't work! I think this reaction is going to pose a problem when we go to see the doctor for Grayson. I might have to find a babysitter so I don't risk emotional trauma for poor Weston! I'll be so glad when these appointments are yearly for him! I can't stand having him upset like that. Anyway, Weston gained 2 pounds since his 15 month appointment making a grand total of 23 pounds! Haha. He was also 33 inches tall although I don't know how accurate that was since he wouldn't stand still for the measurement (he was already in hysterics at that point). We don't go back again until 24 months. I'm sure by then, Weston and Gray will weigh the same! Haha.

Anyway, so that's the update on the Ferrante household right now! I'll try to do these every once in a while for my own records outside of 365 (which I LOVE doing!)


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