Friday, January 8, 2010

Week 27: 365

Week 27!
December 26, 2009: We went to Rocky Run for dinner. Weston was having a rough time so we broke out the camera to make him happy for a while. He wasn't too you can see.

December 27, 2009: Maria came up to visit from Alabama!!! I've missed her a ton! She soaked up as much Weston and Grayson as she could until she comes back in April!

December 28, 2009: I'm so glad he's using his Christmas present wisely....

December 29, 2009: After a shopping spree for Mike, we all went to Don Pablos for dinner. Weston was all about trying new foods, including Salsa and onions. He didn't care too much for the onions, so he tried to feed them to Mike instead!

December 30, 2009: Happy Birthday Molly! Weston's friend Molly turned 1 today so we joined them for a birthday dinner. Weston is also officially a year and a half so Abby made Weston his own half-birthday cupcake (how sweet!!!). He dug right in, while Molly was a little apprehensive about her cake.

December 31, 2009: New Years Eve. We went to Luray to visit my parents. Mike and I actually got a chance to go out while my parents kept the boys. I can't believe they kept Weston up until midnight! Here he is as 10:49 (according to the TV) and still going. Haha.

January 1, 2010: Happy New Years! It's officially 2010! This picture has nothing to do with that of course. Weston has recently started hating having his penis washed when he's in the tub, so to avert the cleansing (though we still get to it), he lays down. Also, there's nothing like a good butt photo (especially with such cute freckles!) :) Haha. This will be one to show future girlfriends! :)

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