Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 30: 365

Week 30! January 16, 2010: Happy Birthday to Mike! Mike turned 29 today. To celebrate, we had some friends over and ate carrot cake from Snickerdoodles (the BEST!!!). Mike was really excited about the cake, can't you tell? :)

January 17, 2010: We've finally started baby food with Grayson (besides cereal that is). The first thing we gave him was Squash and boy did he love it! He ate all that I gave him and hardly spit any of it out.

January 18, 2010: Grayson likes his jumpy seat but he LOVES it when big brother is around to entertain him. They will sit and laugh at each other like this for 5 minutes or so. It's absolutely adorable.

January 19, 2010: My mother in law bought Weston these fish for Christmas. They have words on them, but I thought they would be fun to use to help Weston learn his colors. We spend about a half hour separating the colors into bins. Weston has really gotten the hang of it and does most of them by himself now.

January 20, 2010: As previously declared, Weston loves the drums. Now, every time we go to church he says "Drum drum". On Wednesday nights he gets a chance to play on them with the youth band (while they practice).

January 21, 2010: We took another trip to Snickerdoodles this night. I got Weston this big sprinkly sugar cookie. He only ate a few of the spokes but first went right into licking the sprinkles off.

January 22, 2010: We took Weston the Bounce About at our mall. Needless to say he did not like ANY part of it...not the bouncy, not the slide, and not the dinosaur ride...maybe in a few months. :)

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