Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week 41: 365

Week 41!!

April 3, 2010: On this day we made egg cookies with the awesome Crayola Cookie Dough that Ms. Bobbie got for Weston. Weston had a lot of fun eating and making the cookies. Even Grayson enjoyed eating the blue cookie after it was cooked!

April 4, 2010: Happy Easter! This was our best attempt at a family photo. I have other pictures with the boys in their full get-up but none of them together's one of all of us after all the Easter glam.

April 5, 2010: Weston riding Mike around while eating his animal cookies from the basket that The Sulcers got him.

April 6, 2010: Grayson and Dylan already getting into trouble together. Together they emptied the contents of Dylan's diaper bag.

April 7, 2010: I refuse to believe that I have no picture for this day, but there seems to be one missing. As soon as I find something, I'll post it. :(

April 8, 2010: My sister-in-law Meredith stopped in while walking the dog. This is Max-my brother's baby. He's such a beautiful dog. All the kids (and I do mean all-I had Selina and Wyatt Z. over night, plus my two) were so thrilled to see Max (and Meredith too of course!)

April 9, 2010: Here is Selina playing at Read 'N Play. Mike and I took Selina, Wyatt, Dylan, Grayson and Weston to the library. We were brave, very brave. It was actually a lot of fun thought. All the kids were behaved and had a great time!

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