Friday, February 5, 2010

Week 31: 365

Week 31!

January 23, 2010: So far Grayson hasn't showed as much interest in music as Weston always did. However, he was more than excited to check out Mike's guitar on this day. Maybe he's coming around! :)

January 24, 2010: Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! That's all I hear from Weston these days. During nursery Sunday night, he asked for them so I broke them out and all the kids enjoyed playing with them. Grayson was really interested in the bubbles as well, and all the kids jumping around him!

January 25, 2010: I forgot to take a picture this day BUT this was the highlight of the day! The new season of 24 started and we had friends over to watch! Let the national crisis begin!

January 26, 2010: Another thing Weston is really into these days is looking at pictures and naming the people in them. While the screen saver was scanning through pictures, he had a really fun time pointing and naming...this one was obviously ""

January 27, 2010: Weston conquered his fears and went through the play tunnel at church. I seriously think he has claustrophobia. He always freaks out in elevators, and other closed in spaces. He was really hesitant to go through the tunnel but after watching his little brother go through, he gave it a try, and another and another and another and....well you get the point! He loved it!

January 28, 2010: Grayson is such a determined little baby. He was so eager to get to a toy on the other side of this walker that he just decided to crawl right under it. He did make it through, but not without some moaning and whining.

January 29, 2010: I don't normally give Weston the caramel in his happy meal. It's just unnecessary sugar, and more clean up. This was the first time he ever had it....and yes, he is dipping his french fry in it.....

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