Friday, February 5, 2010

Week 32: 365

Week 32!
January 30, 2010: I finally went and bought bubbles for the house. Weston LOVES them. Here he is rolling around and popping them as they hit the floor. He's such a goofball. :)

January 31, 2010: Weston was really concentrating on putting coins in his bank. It's almost full! So far, this is his college fund so he can put in all the coins he wants! Haha.

February 1, 2010: Again with the determination...Grayson really wanted to get the cat even if it meant crawling through the smallest space possible. You can see Ginger's paw under the table...I'm so glad she didn't run off after he put in so much hard work to get to her. What a good big sister!

February 2, 2010: I'm so proud of my little man! He can actually do this puzzle and others like it all by himself! I'm so glad that he's finally interested in his toys and not just watching Yo Gabba Gabba. I love how pleased he is with himself when he fits the piece in the spot. So cute.

February 3, 2010: Mike was trying to stretch his back out, but the boys thought he was pretending to be a jungle gym!

February 4, 2010: Who doesn't love it when a baby eats his toes!? Usually Gray can't get his toes to his mouth due to all the little rolls you see there in the picture (adorable!!!). This was the first time he was successful at his attempts.

February 5, 2010: I used this tutorial from SamsterMommy to make Weston a sticker book today! However, I used duct tape instead of ribbon for the border, and I used an exacto knife to cut a layer off the middle between the pages (basically the crease) before adding the freezer paper. (See picture below) The book was too hard to close otherwise (after the addition of the scrapbooking paper).

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Natasha said...

Yay! That came out SO cute! I wish I would've thought of using colored duct tape, genius!