Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 46: 365

Week 46!

May 8, 2010: On this day we went to the Grahams' house for their daughter Charli's 1st Birthday! It was so adorable. Rebecca did such a fabulous job decorating. I may have to hire her for Grayson's 1st birthday!

May 9, 2010: I know, I can't believe I didn't take better pictures on Mother's Day but this is it. My boys laying on and loving me. (Even though it looks like I'm forcing them on me). We did have a wonderful lunch with Mike's mom and Grandmother. They took better pictures. :(

May 10, 2010: My new obsession-Mocha Frappe's from McDonalds. They are yummy. :)

May 11, 2010: We had a playdate with the Von Bergen's on this day! Joey and Weston had a lot of fun. Of course, I enjoyed the adult time with Sarah. I can't wait to do it again.

May 12, 2010: I gave Grayson some cinnamon toast for breakfast. He loved it and I love this picture and how blue his eyes look. I really hope they stay that way.

May 13, 2010: Grayson was playing to his hearts content with no sign of sleepiness; however, as soon as I picked him up, he laid his head down and was out in about 2 seconds flat, complete with toys still in hand.

May 14, 2010: I went and got my toes and fingernails done, along with a spray tan at The Spa at Roops Mill. While I was getting my nails done, Meredith cleaned my rings for me. I forgot how happy a manicure and sparkly jewelry can make me!

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Sarah Von Bergen said...

Awww I like your pic of the playdate! And your hand looks perty!