Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Week 19: 365

Week 19!
October 31, 2009: Halloween! Weston was Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba for Halloween! It was a little drizzly so Mike just pushed him around for about an hour in his stroller. He got lots of candy though!

November 1, 2009: Nanna and her grandbabies! I am so blessed to have such an amazing mother in law!

November 2, 2009: Weston is currently discovering the joys of condiments and dipping his food. On this day, I tried giving him ketchup, then mustard and then homemade pesto on his chicken. He settled for the pesto and absolutely loved it. Mike is such a good chef!

November 3, 2009: Grayson, passed out, with his new pacifier. He's finally taking Nuks!

November 4, 2009: Grayson's first time grabbing a toy all on his own. He was absolutely in love with this little frog I bought at Target. He laughed and cooed at it all night.

November 5, 2009: I showed Weston how to make music with his links by blowing into them like you would a bottle. I tried to get a shot of him trying to make the sound, but toddlers never cooperate when you need them to...

November 6, 2009: My sister in law Meredith came over Friday to dye and cut mine and Kristin's hair. Aren't we just gorgeous? Haha.


Terri Peters said...

We have ourselves two very cute Brobees.

Miranda said...

For sure! I wouldn't have had a Brobee at all had it not been for you! Thanks for letting me know where to get the costume. :)

LtrOusRtD23 said...

haha that picture of us is awesome. note: the slit that I cut in your shirt. :) Always fun times with us!