Monday, November 30, 2009

Week 22: 365

Week 22!
November 21, 2009: I've been wanting to get a storage organizer for a while so I could put Weston's toy box up in what will be his new room. Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law, we were able to get the organizer! Doesn't it look wonderful?

November 22, 2009: I promise I didn't lay on Weston. I lifted my head for a second and he scooted underneath of me and stayed there for a while. I'm thinking he was feeling a little jealous but it made for a cute picture with my boys! I especially love that Weston's hand is blocking my double chin! Haha.

November 23, 2009: Weston makes up for all the torture he throws at Ginger by moments like this. He loves his big sister.

November 24, 2009: We had pizza night early this week since it's one of the only things I can cook without Mike's help. :) (Mike was at church for a meeting) Grayson joined us at the dinner table and I'm glad I was able to capture this picture. He stares at Weston frequently with such love in his eyes. It's absolutely precious.

November 25, 2009: We bought Weston this Magna-Doodle to occupy his time in the car for our ride down to Massanutten. It worked! It kept him content for most of the ride.

November 26, 2009: Happy Thanksgiving! Dinner was awesome but so was spending time with my dad fishing afterward. I didn't catch anything but Mike did.

November 27, 2009: I'm so glad that Weston is finally starting to pay attention to his little brother. This is the two of them at my parents house in Luray, Virginia. Weston was being a good boy and giving Gray his ninny.

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