Friday, March 5, 2010

Week 36: 365

Week 36!

February 27, 2010: With illnesses still going on the house, I forgot, yet again, to take a picture on this day. I can't believe I forgot 2 days in a row!!! Unfortunately, I don't even have a pretend picture to put up because all we did was sit around and watch TV all day. :/

February 28, 2010: Ms. Bobbie takes a picture of Weston and Grayson every month to track their growth. Here she is taking Weston's 20 month old picture. He was hamming it up!!

March 1, 2010: After searching high and low, I finally found a Wii Fit Plus Bundle at BJ's!!! Not only do I LOVE it, the boys had a blast playing with the box! Bonus!!!

March 2, 2010: Mike wasn't feeling good so instead of making dinner, we went out and got Wendy's. (I mean, I COULD have made dinner...but didn't really want to). I got a Frostichino with my meal and it was AMAZING!!! Weston thought so too.

March 3, 2010: Weston got his first face boo boo. :( He tripped on the sidewalk and busted his lip. You can't see it too well in this picture, but only a couple hours before he was gushing blood and screaming his little heart out. Poor little guy. :(

March 4, 2010: Happy Birthday to ME!!! I turned 25 today and Mike bought me an almond raspberry cake from Snickerdoodles! I can't believe I'm a quarter century old!

March 5, 2010: I recently learned about Baby Led Weaning and have decided to do it with Grayson since he doesn't like baby cereal or pureed foods. Basically, BLW is about skipping right to finger foods. This morning, I gave Grayson a piece of a banana and he went to town. He did a great job!! So far, I've given him diced peaches, banana and avocado.

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