Saturday, July 11, 2009

Week 2: 365

Week 2 of Project 365! Enjoy!

July 4, 2009: Weston all cuddled up after his first real swim. Surprisingly he stayed in the pool for more than a minute and seemed to enjoy it too!

July 5, 2009: I was out of commission this day-sick in bed, so no picture.... :(

July 6, 2009: Of course I was feeling better this day but Weston and Mike seemed to have come down with something similar to what I had so it was a sleepy day for them. Here they are cuddled up on the couch. So precious!

July 7, 2009: During Weston's 1 year doctor visit they asked if he could stack blocks. The answer was "no". So I got to thinking..."maybe he doesn't stack them because he doesn't have any..." So I went to Target and got him a really cute set and lo and he is stacking blocks for the first time!!! Quick learner!

July 8, 2009: Doctor's appointment for Grayson. This was the first that I would be checked as far as dialation and such. I was less than a cm but that's still progress!!!

July 9, 2009: I was cleaning like crazy this day to get the house ready for Grayson's arrival. Here I am trying to fold 3 loads of baby clothes with Weston "helping". What a good big brother! :)

July 10, 2009: Our college-aged group at church (which Mike oversees) had a bowling night. Here is Mike getting down with his bowling shoes on.... :)

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LtrOusRtD23 said...

That picture of Mike is phenominal. And, as always, Weston is completely adorable.

Can't wait for Grayson to get here!!! Love you!