Thursday, July 2, 2009

Catching Up

I had another prenatal visit on June 24th. Everything still looking good although I'm feeling so ready to have this baby! I gained another pound and I'm so proud of myself! :) Not that I'm trying to brag on the fact that I've only gained 20/21 pounds so far but I think God just knows me so well. If I had gained like 60 pounds it would a) really make me feel like crap about myself and b) not want to even bother trying to get all the weight off. Knowing that I will drop this weight pretty quickly gives me the motivation to get the rest off as know that weight that had nothing to do with the baby but everything to do with lack of self-control and stress! It's going to happen and I can't wait!

In other news...Weston turned one this week. I can't believe how this past year flew! My little baby who could barely hold his own head up just one year ago has flourished into this independent determined toddler who struts around on his own two feet exploring the world! It's amazing. I love that boy so much! His birthday party was a blast! Going through the summer huge and pregnant pays off when you can give your child an awesome pool party every year for their birthday. Something I never had since my birthday is in March.

On Weston's actual birthday we were in Ocean City with my mother and father in law. It was so much fun! I really enjoy spending time with them. We went to Assateague and saw the wild ponies. Can I just tell you how much God's glorious splendor is in that! I'd never been before and was just totally amazed that these horses just roam the ocean shore. What a life!!!

Other craziness....we've been working hard at church to get the children's wing together for the launch of our new classrooms and such. It's hard work but it's definitely paying off. The rooms are looking awesome and I can't wait to see how God moves with this new move...I know he's going to grow this church into an awesome ministry for all types of family and I'm just so happy to be a part of the children's ministry and be able to watch children weekly learn about God's love!

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